Lotay Yang and Kim Schmidt: Opening Day, Microsoft Store, Mission Viejo, CA

April 18, 2013


Opening Day of the Second Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, CA.!!! Here is Lotay Yang, Founder of  The Black Card Circle and the Black Card Circle Foundation, and me pointing out the great banner in the store “Infinite Possibilities”: Advertisements

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Kim Schmidt Meets Ray Ozzie!

April 18, 2013


The Night Before the Opening of the Store: All co-workers, management, etc. arranged for me to meet Ray Ozzie the night before the store opened. What an awesome experience! A Photoshop photo of Bill Gates and I kept me going while studying to be an MCAD.NET, and that photo represented “Perseverance” to me. If I […]

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Hello world!

August 13, 2011


So for vNext_OC CoolPeople and everyone else, I’m Executive Director of the developer user group. I’m also an Executive Director of vnext.org, the parent group I helped launch at the Microsoft Build Conference in 2011. The best way to get to know about our group is to watch the following video:

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